Thursday, January 28, 2010


Astounding might be the only word to describe the unprecedented success of the Burlington High School Music Boosters Association whose fundraising efforts during the first half of the school year have realized a net profit of over $21,000!

The Burlington High School Music Boosters Association’s annual fundraising efforts not only benefit the music students and staff at BHS during the school year but also provide the necessary funds to maintain the Marching Band Scholarship program. Mandated by its by-laws, the Music Boosters Association presents scholarship awards to all senior members of the Marching Band who have committed to continuing his/her education upon graduation, an amount that varies each year ranging from $5,000-$7000. In addition to this commitment, the Boosters organization funds transportation for the BHS Chorus to compete in the annual Great East Festival in Agawam, Massachusetts, has provided monies to expand the collection of formal chorus concert attire as needed and has committed to chorus scholarships based on merit for seniors continuing in a college music program.

With each year’s scholarship fund commitment at approximately $4,500 and the wish-list of items from the BHS music staff in the $2000-$3,000 range, the Boosters organization has implemented some proven fundraisers to meet the numbers. They include the Friends of the Music Boosters annual fundraising appeal (Vanessa Ovian, Coordinator), Rayburn Music Rental Night in September (Donna Gregorio, Coordinator), the Woburn Halloween Parade held in October (Michelle Campbell, Coordinator), ongoing concession sales held throughout the year during performing arts events (Shirley Fong, Coordinator), merchandise sales which includes performing group photographs (Vicki Kikuchi, Coordinator) and the Marching Band and Music Awards banquets in the fall and spring (Donna Gregorio and Shirley Fong, Coordinators) made possible through a very generous donation by the 99 Restaurant of Billerica, Massachusetts.

Driving the overwhelming donor response this year is the BHS Marching Band’s trip in April to DisneyWorld, where Burlington’s favorite sons and daughters (led by director Matt Lovell along with co-Director Amanda Potts and advisors Jen Agati and Leanne Reardon) will find themselves marching down Main Street of The Magic Kingdom on April 21. With the cost per student of this self-funded spring break activity approaching $1,000, the Executive Board of the Music Boosters and Disney Committee Chair Steven Parker set out to create opportunities for each student to raise funds for his/her individual account.

With marketing plan in hand, Boosters president Donna Gregorio, Fundraising Coordinator Shirley Fong and Boosters treasurer Susie Frost inspired a tireless team of parent volunteers and students to reach their goal. Through their hard work and determination in sponsoring a series of events, over $12,200 was placed in student accounts and another $4,500 in the general Disney fund for transport of instruments, uniforms and other necessities for the Marching Band performance. Disney fundraisers included the Burlington Historical Society’s Fall Fair in September (Shirley Fong, Coordinator), Woburn Halloween Parade/Marching Band Walk-a-Thon held in October (Michelle Campbell, Coordinator), ticket sales to The Lion King in connection with Broadway Across America and its EventUsher service held in October (Tim Rose, Coordinator), the Gala Benefit Concert and Silent Auction held in November (coordinated by Donna Gregorio, Shirley Fong and Vanessa Ovian), the Calendar Raffle, with tickets sold in November and winners announced throughout December (Carol Sheldon, Coordinator with Phyllis Fleischmann assisting) and Youth Movie Night held in January of 2010(Lori Kashgegian, Coordinator).

The Burlington High School Music Boosters Association wishes to thank each and every individual who has contributed to their overwhelming fundraising success this year, from the parents who sit at the table selling anything from tickets to balloons to those who bake for our events and march alongside the students making sure they are safe and hydrated! Far too many in numbers to name, we recognize the value they have added to the organization and applaud them for being a part of this historic year.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A TWO-FER: Youth Movie & Dine Out a HUGE success


Photos show check-in table, concessions at intermission, auditorium of movie-goers and Marching Band volunteers.

The BHS Music Boosters Association’s Youth Movie Night was a complete success this past Friday night … just ask the nearly 150, 5-13 year-olds who came for a night out with friends to see the Disney-Pixar movie “UP” on the big screen at Burlington High School!

Designed as a fundraiser for the Marching Band trip to DisneyWorld in April, Youth Movie Night was also a wonderful evening for parents who had the opportunity to drop their children off for three hours of completely supervised activities. Students from the Marching Band and parent chaperones from the Boosters were on hand every step of the way and those who participated were credited a part of the revenue towards their trip.

The evening activities included some rousing rounds of BINGO with cries for more when time ran out. The children also had an opportunity to purchase snacks and drinks at the concession table, a favorite stop during intermission, nearly devouring the entire stock of popcorn, juice & water and other yummy treats! All concession revenue was applied to the general Disney account.

Held in tandem with Youth Movie Night was the Music Boosters’ UNO Dine Out event where 20% of all sales at the Burlington restaurant with the special coupon would benefit the general fund. Coupons were available at the check-in at the high school for parents dropping off their children who might wish to dine out.

Parents, teen chaperones and children involved in the Youth Movie Night event were thrilled.” The movie choice was perfect,” commented one parent. “It held the interest of the children and teens.” Several wished this could happen every month! And one parent even suggested that the Boosters "Start earlier for this event, so parents could have a longer time out!"

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Mr. Middleton-Cox rehearsing TITANIC with cast members this week.

Just a quick reminder that tickets for TITANIC, The Musical will go on sale February 1. Ticket prices are $15 for adults and $10 for students and senior citizens. The recommended method of purchase is through the new ticket website, For information or to order tickets by phone please call 781-A-FUN-TIC beginning February 1.


Ryan Knox and mom, Mary, take a shift at the Boosters table on Election Day.

Shirley Fong "making a sale" of merchandise at the Boosters table outside Burlington's Senatorial Election.

This past Tuesday (Election Day in Massachusetts) was quite exciting at Burlington High School. The number of voters that turned out to cast their votes for our new state senator (9,352 according to Boston Globe numbers or 58% of registered voters) was impressive. Thanks to Vicki Kikuchi, the Music Boosters received special permission to set up a table in the foyer of the election site with both merchandise and handouts for tomorrow’s Youth Movie Night/UNO Dine Out Night events. Thanks to the volunteer parents who manned the table, we are pleased to say that the merchandise sales brought in close to $400 for the Booster’s General Fund!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Uno Chicago Grill: Only Way to Raise Dough!

The Burlington High School Music Boosters Association will be hosting a Dine Out event on Friday, January 22, 2010, at UNO Chicago Grill located in the Burlington Mall. Good on dine in and take out orders, Uno’s will donate 20% of all receipts (excluding tax and tip) to the Music Boosters during the all-day, all-night fundraiser.

The Uno Dine Out event coincides with the Music Boosters’ Youth Movie Night, an evening of fun for children ages 5-13 at Burlington High School where the youngsters can spend the evening with friends and watch the Disney-Pixar film “UP” on the big screen. Parents can drop their children off at Burlington High School under complete student and adult chaperone supervision at 6:00 pm and head to the mall for dinner at UNO’s and shopping, or simply take their order home to their own peaceful sactuary! (Pick-up time from BHS is at 9:00 pm.) No matter how you look at it, the Music Boosters agree it's the "only way to raise dough!"

To participate in the BHS Music Boosters Association Uno’s Dine Out event, you must present the UNO’s coupon designed specifically for the January 22 event. Coupons for the UNO Chicago Grill Dine Out event and registration forms for the Youth Movie can be obtained by contacting the Music Boosters organization at or the music office at 781-860-1860. They will also be available at the check-in desk during Youth Movie Night.

No matter how you look at it, the Music Boosters agree it's the "only way to raise dough!"

Monday, January 11, 2010

General Membership called for first meeting of 2010

The BHS Music Boosters Association will hold its January General Membership meeting tomorrow, January 12, 2010, in the Band Room at 7:30 pm.

The Marching Band trip to DisneyWorld will take up a large portion of the meeting. However, parents of chorus members are encouraged to attend as there is always pertinent information shared regarding their students' participation in the music program. There will also be information regarding “Titanic, The Musical" for parents who are interested in volunteering their time.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about the meeting.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Calendar Full of Surprising Results

The Burlington High School Music Boosters Association has just closed the books on another wonderfully successful Disney fundraiser with the drawing of the final winner of the Calendar Raffle. Chaired by Carol Sheldon and assisted by Phyllis Fleischmann and Shirley Fong, a total of 805 tickets were sold by the students with a revenue of over $4,000. Upon completion of the sales period, nearly all the funds were credited to the students’ individual Disney accounts.

Here is a complete list of winners by date, including winning items:

12/7/09 (Uno Chicago Grill): Linda Kelley
12/8/09 (Burlington Car Wash): Sheri Cottreau
12/9/09 (Uno Chicago Grill): Diane Stanley
12/10/09 (Dani de Paris): Burge family
12/11/09 (Spencer Cleaners): Paul & Julie Herlihy
12/12/09 (Titanic, The Musical tickets): Derek Diffenbacher
12/13/09 (Burlington Florist): Laurie Roth
12/14/09 (Burlington Jade & Blockbuster): Brian Hooper
12/15/09 (Real School of Music Gift Certificate): Kathy Matthews
12/16/09 (Schoolhouse Ice Cream): Jen Sheldon
12/17/09 (Fish House & Grille): Ann Fitzgerald
12/18/09 (Dani de Paris): David Starkey
12/19/09 (Grandview Farm Quilt): Chris Allian
12/20/09 (NE Patriots tickets): Ken DiPetro
12/21/09 (Anton’s Cleaners): Bonnie Tomassin
12/22/09 (Sharper Image Hair Design): Laurie Skinner
12/23/09 (Applebees): Rosemarie Tieri
12/24/09 (O’Connor True Value): Linda Kelley
12/25/09 (Elements): John Grant
12/26/09 (Cheesecake Factory): Mark Sheldon
12/27/09 (Burlington Spirit set & Applebees): Jean Terrio
12/28/09 (Sephora samples box): Karen Waisnor
12/29/09 (Chung King Rick’s CafĂ© & Blockbuster cards): Jen Sheldon
12/30/09 (Dunkin Donuts): Mike Pukmel
12/31/09 (Pizza Works): Vicki Kikuchi
1/1/10 (Burlington Recreation Dept): Sandra Ridley
1/2/10 (Panera Bread): Ann Steeves
1/3/10 (Not Your Average Joe’s): Liz Williams
1/4/10 (Macaroni Grill & Woburn Showcase Cinemas): Jodi Blase
1/5/10 (Chili’s): Rosemary Bransfield
1/6/10 (Curves): Pam Hong

Congratulations to all the winners. The BHS Music Boosters Association would like to thank all those who purchased tickets to help our Marching Band students raise money for their trips to DisneyWorld in April 2010. A very special thanks to the donors of the prizes listed above. Without your generosity the Calendar Raffle fundraiser would not have been the tremendous success that it was.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sail On, Burlington! TITANIC composer congratulates BHS on upcoming production

Exciting news, Burlington! Rehearsals for TITANIC, The Musical have just begun. The production will be performed at BHS on March 19, 20, 26, 27, 2010, at 7:30 pm and March 28, 2010, at 2:00 pm.

The score of Titanic, The Musical is stunningly beautiful. Composer Maury Yeston knew that, based on the timeframe and setting, it must resonate with a unique British sound and it “would have to have a color similar to the one found in the music of the great composers at that time, like Elgar and Vaughan Williams . . . an opportunity to bring in the musical theater an element of the symphonic tradition…” (BMI Music World, Fall 1997, pp. 24-29) As a result of Yeston’s creative insight and vision, the show garnered 1997 Tony Awards for Best Musical, Best Original Score and Best Orchestrations, among others and the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Orchestrations.

Just prior to the holidays, the cast and crew of the BHS production were honored by the following special communication from the composer:

Dear Burlington High School,

How fantastic that you are taking on as challenging a presentation as Titanic-The Musical! I want to thank all of the students, faculty, cast, crew, musicians, stagehands, lighting and sound-people for what I know will be a massive undertaking and a brilliant show due to all of your efforts and talents. I am so grateful that you have chosen to invest such energy in the performance of my work, and I am quite sure you will all be more than up to the task. I wish you a thrilling and successful production.


Yours sincerely,

For those wishing to familiarize themselves with the music prior to the performances, a recording by the original Broadway cast of Titanic, The Musical is readily available on CD.

Reserved seating tickets for Titanic, The Musical will be available for purchase on February 1, 2010, on the new Burlington High School ticket website,, or by phone at 781-A-FUN-TIC. Performances will take place in the 800 seat, handicapped accessible Fogelberg Auditorium of Burlington High School, 123 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA.